St. Michael’s Nurseries

We recognised that racism, sexism and inequalities are barriers that limit children’s achievement and later life chances. Therefore, the curriculum resources and practice are kept under constant review.

All children and their families have equal access to the nursery’s facilities and the learning environment.

In the implementation of the curriculum and in all aspects of nursery life, we aim to give every child self-confidence, self-esteem and a positive outlook towards others as well as an enjoyment, desire and ability to learn.

We provide our children with a supportive and stable environment from 3mths, in our Baby Unit, to 5yrs old at our nurseries.

Additional Classes

In addition to the comprehensive learning programme already available at the pre-school and day nursery, we are also able to offer extra classes:

French classes

Children learn quickly and this is an ideal opportunity to start laying the foundations that they will build on in the future.

A French tutor will visit the nursery once a week to conduct these classes. There is no .There is no additional charge for these classes.