Everyday Matters

  • St Michael’s Nurseries are registered and inspected by Ofsted.
  • We accept children from 12 months of age to five years.
  • Our Baby Unit accepts children from 3 months of age.

Opening hours and session times

Our opening hours are 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday. We open all year round, closing for one week over the Christmas period and all bank holidays.

Session times are:

  • Full time 8am – 6pm, 5 days
  • Part time mornings 8am – 1pm 5 days
  • Part time afternoons 1pm – 6pm 5 days
  • Part time daily 8am – 6pm 1 day
Children may be registered on completion of a registration form and payment of a non-refundable fee of £15. If at the time of registration or proposed start date there is not a place available for your child, then your child will be placed on the waiting list and given priority of a place. Two weeks notice in writing is required for any child leaving the nursery otherwise the deposit will be forfeited. St Michael’s Nursery reserves the right to ask for a child to be withdrawn from the nursery if fees are unpaid or if required due to other circumstances.

A Day in the life at St. Michael’s Nursery


Consists of cornmeal porridge, oats porridge both of which are freshly prepared on site. Toast is also on our breakfast menu, served with low salt/fat cream cheese, jam or marmalade.

Circle Time

This is an enjoyable part of our daily routine. Greetings, songs and rhymes, exercise, musical instruments and dancing all form part of this energetic start to the day.

Story time

Children move into separate groups according to age for story telling.

Potty/toilet training

Working in partnership with parents, strategies for potty/toilet training are discussed and implemented. Feedback is given and any changes in routine recorded and implemented.

French lessons

Older children are given French lessons twice weekly. Lessons are informal and where there are French-speaking staff in the setting, children also have daily sessions as French language is bought into the nursery.


Lunch is prepared and served at each setting by qualified cooks who hold food hygiene certificates. We have a four- week menu and serve healthy, nutritious meals, all of which are prepared on the premises by our experienced chefs.


All children should be provided with a sleeping bag for rest periods.


Tea consists of sandwiches, biscuits, savoury biscuits, dried fruit, fresh fruit, cake and custard, fresh fruit salad etc.