St. Michael’s Baby Unit

We work towards the Birth to Three Matters Framework that support the development and education of babies and children from birth to three years.

There are four ‘Aspects’ of the Birth to Three Framework.

  1. A strong child
  2. A skilful communicator
  3. A competent learner
  4. A healthy child

There are four broad areas of development.

  1. Heads up, lookers and communicators (0 – 8 months)
  2. Sitters, standers and players (8-18 months)
  3. Movers, shakers and players (18- 24 months)
  4. Walkers, talkers and pretenders (24-36 months)

The nursery plans activities based on the developmental stage of each child and activities for learning experiences are planned accordingly. In St Michael’s baby unit, emphasis is placed on each child learning through play and first hand experience.

The Environment

St Michael’s baby unit adjoins our nursery setting in St Mary’s road. Babies from three months are cared for in this secure, family unit. It has two comfortable rooms one of which is the sleeping (or quiet area), kitchen and nappy changing room. The rooms are homely, warm and cosy.

The area is clean and hygienic and you will be asked to remove your shoes before entry in order to maintain cleanliness. Each child’s own routine is followed so play is less organised here compared to the other settings.


The unit provides a stimulating, safe and secure learning environment where each child is cared for by experienced, energetic staff. The ratio is one to three in the baby unit and the team are always on hand to give updates on your child’s progress within the nursery, answer any queries and give reassurance.

The Routine

On arrival, staff are there to give your child a welcoming cuddle. You will be asked how the child spent the previous evening and if there are any queries or concerns. Your child’s milk, meals etc. will be taken and placed in his or her individual container and nappies, wipes etc. put into your child’s ‘cubby’.

On departure, you will be updated on how your child spent the day, what meals were eaten and how much he/she has drunk. You will also have the opportunity to find out what activities your child has been doing and has enjoyed. You will be informed of how many nappies have been used and if there are any items your child may require.

At 12 months of age and depending on the individual child’s development, your child will move into one of the main nursery settings.